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From: Gail (DeWitt) Dean [disabledmotorcycleriders@msn.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2010 5:30 PM
To: robbie1947@bellsouth.net;
Subject: RE: shifter and service excellent

Hi Robbie,
Thanks for your kind words. I am forwarding this to my website for install on the testimonial's page. I would like her to also include the date, so we can continue to help others. It was such a pleasure to be able to see you again and happy riding! Gail

From: robbie1947@bellsouth.net
To: disabledmotorcycleriders@msn.com; robbie1947@bellsouth.net
Subject: shifter and service excellent
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 21:29:27 -0400

I have had my shifter about 8 months and if I had known before I purchased my three wheeler, I could have used this and kept my two wheeler. Shifter was easy to install with the enclosed instructions. The shifter worked excellent but the control box did go hay-wire on it last week. It did not leave me stranded and I got back home alright. I called Gail and told her that I had run the diagnostics on the system as the simple instructions said and the control box was bad. She said that she could send me a new one and I could send the old one back in the box that the new one came in of if it was easier for me to drive down and get the new box in person. No hassle at all. I went down and picked up the new box and drove back home and installed it on my trike. Sooner or later all electrical systems can give you a problem but with Gail standing behind her shifters like she does this is absolutely no problem. I am completely satisfied with the klicktronic shifter and like I said even with an artificial leg, I could have easily rode my two wheeler with this shifter. Thank you Gail. If I had to watch one more hour of Jerry Springer I would have gone nuts.(not really, I like Jerry Springer)
Robbie Davis
Jacksonville Florida
My wife purchased your Kliktronic Shifter for me for Christmas 2009. I couldn’t be happier with the wonderful difference in my riding ability and pleasure.

I lost my left leg in a motorcycle accident 35 years ago. I’ve been riding off and on since then by either utilizing after market tanic shifters, or “jerry rigging”. This was always awkward, if not dangerous. Following the directions, installation was easy. Now I’m in the wind more than ever.

S. Magill
Marble Falls, Tx

Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 11:35:13 -0700
From: terry_hansmeier@yahoo.com
Subject: Have the air in my hair again.
To: disabledmotorcycleriders@msn.com

Hi Gail. thanks for providing great service and working with my Harley dealer with the setting up of my '09 Harley Tri-Glide factory built trike. The Klicktronic shifter and dual lever brake system works smoothly.

I sustained a work injury 4/20/2007 which left me a paraplegic and a full time wheelchair user. The focus on getting back on a motorcycle was on my mind everyday during my recovery. When I returned home from a long stay at the hospital and rehab center ( 4 months total ) I did a lot research on the internet and discovered your site. I went to my local Harley dealer and picked out my trike and gave them your web address. Let's just say it was history after that. I'm on the highway again enjoying life like I did before my accident. Thanks Gail

Terry Hansmeier
Buffalo, Minnesota

Take a look at Shannon Raptor's Bike

Click Here to See Skip's Bike
The installation was done Nov '06 by Citrus Cycle, 1581 Gulf to Lake Hwy, Lecanto, FL, 34461 (866-302-7433). Outside of drilling a hole in the shift lever, there was no structural modifications. The clamp used to attach the supplied mount was just a stock part off the shelf. Getting the right angle of the actuator to the shift lever can be done by using washers as spacers on the bolt between the clamp and the mount.
There is one problem that I have found:
It is easy to accidently touch the shift buttons while it's running which causes instant, unwanted gear changes. It's especially bad when in neutral, standing still at a light or when getting on the bike while it's running. It jerks forward and stalls which is at least embarrassing and potentially very dangerous. I suggest tying the shift control button wiring (Maybe the ground wire?) through the clutch lever switch so that the only time it would shift would be when the clutch lever is in. If the clutch cable were to break (Never seen that happen, right?) and you needed to shift with RPM / bike speed manipulation, just pull in the clutch anyway to activate the shifter switch.
Just a suggestion. Aside from that, I've had absolutely no problems with the unit over the last year of riding.
Anything I can help with, let me know.

Ricky James Website

Pictures and Links to U-tube videos!

From: rick_bannister@live.com
To: disabledmotorcycleriders@msn.com
Subject: Hello Gail
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 18:36:42 -0400

I was disabled in a bike accident on Aug, 3 2007. I was T-boned in an intersection by a careless driver who was trying to beat a caution light. I was paralyzed from the chest down. I told everyone that I would ride again and thanks to Klicktronic I ride more now than I used to, because I do not work. So, when I can, I am keeping the roads hot. My bike is my second bike to have a Klicktronic modification. It is a 2007 Honda Goldwing my 1st was a 1998 Goldwing.

Rick Bannister

More pictures of Dave's Bike
From: "Dave Willett"
Subject: New bike.
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 14:00:27 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Hi Gail.
Here are some pics of my new bike with the shifter and the Voyager kit attached. The system works fantastic. I had a young man who owns a custom cycle shop here in the area install both the Voyager and your electric shifter. They both work fantastic!! Thanks again for having these available to us here. I am getting back to my old self again

David A. Willett
Animal wants Trucks
58 Seaside Drive
Ormond Beach, Fl. 32176

I am from Burton Mich. This is how I installed the Kliktronic shifter on my 04 soft-tail. This pic was taken after I redid the linkage about two weeks ago. It now works better. I would not recommend installing it this way, unless you have access to a steel lathe, Tig welder, metric and American SAE taps and dies, plus a acetylene torch. But with this type of installation finding neutral is a lot easier. Some guys that have installed it differently have found finding N almost impossible to find with a practiced light touch on the button Practice makes perfect. Redoing the attachment helped me.

More pictures of Rich DuBarton Bike
From: Rich DuBarton
To: disabledmotorcycleriders@msn.com
Subject: Re: Actuator clamps sent
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 11:58:44 EDT

After my injury racing motocross I still wanted to ride and race I then got involved with road racing and found Tim from Adaptive and had my SV 650 fitted with the Kliktronic shifter and I then had my Yamaha R6 fitted with the shifter with ignition interrupt so I can make up shifts without having to roll off the throttle last year I did 106 races starting at Daytona and ending at Daytona racing CCS, WERA and Moto ST events I will be doing the 8 hour Moto St event at Daytona in October during bike Oktoberfest with my teammates from the wear national endurance series in which we are in first place with two rounds left.
ok see ya Rich

More pictures of Rick Quisenberry Bike
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 13:37:03 -0600

Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about my actuator and get the new one ordered. I will give you a little information about me that you can pass on to your readers, viewers, etc. I am a Vietnam Veteran, a retired police officer and now sell real estate for a living. I have been riding motorcycle since I was 14 years old. In 1978 I was shot and because of the wound lost my left leg above the knee, I remained on the police department after taking and passing the physical agility test. I continued to ride but had problems shifting. I rode Harleys because I did not need to adapt anything to them to aid in shifting. I ride a Suzuki Hayabusa and will include pictures with this email so you can see how I hooked up the unit. I installed the relay in the tail of the bike with a piece of velcro attached to the relay box and the other piece stuck to the bottom of the tail piece. As you can see by the photos I have not used the push button method of shifting. I found a micro switch 8 years ago and have never replaced it because it continues to provide me with excellent response. The micro switch must be one that returns to the neutral position after it is engaged in either direction. I soldiered the wires to the back of the switch, made sure that it was not touching anything metal as to cause it to short out. On the Suzuki, up to 06, there was a space not being used just below the kill switch. I took the housing apart and found that the switch could be installed there with a little bit of work. I attached the switch to the small plate that is used to cover the space, the switch has a small bolt on the front that holds it tight to this piece of plastic, when I trade bikes I take the plate and switch with me and use it on the new bike. This works if you get the same make and model, if not then you will have to design a new system to hold the micro switch. But as small as it is this really should not be a problem. On my 07, the space I used was fitted with by Suzuki for emergency flashers, I removed the flasher unit inside the housing and installed my switch. I do not use emergency flashers as I do not park on highways or anyplace that they would be needed. Besides the turn signals are small and supply little if any warning to other motorists. A Dremell was used to grind the space out so the switch would work and once on I could use my left hand for the clutch and the right thumb to change gears. Shifting up means briefly hitting the switch upward and the same with down shifting. Neutral is a matter of tapping the switch lightly with the thumb until the neutral light comes on. After a very long search, which included Radio Shack, and all electrical stores on the web and in person, I finally found some that looked Like they would work. I purchased these with the thought of replacement when the time came that I wore my original switch out. I am still waiting for it to wear out though. I have quite a few and would be willing to let go of some if you or your buyers would like to have one. Looking forward to hearing from you. Let me know if the pics work out.

Best Regards,
Rick Quisenberry
Associate Broker
Century 21 Real Estate Center, Inc
2900 Grand Ave.
Laramie, Wy

More Pictures of Darryl Lair's Bikes
My new quad was completed this month and I am loving it. The Kliktronics shifter works GREAT! There hasn't been a single problem with it as it seems to work flawlessly. I've hooked up with an outstanding mechanic named Brad Meisner from ParaPro racing and this guy is amazing at the quality of work he performs( He is also the same mechanic that works on Ricky James's bikes). I also have been sponsored by REKLUSE and have a centrifugal clutch installed along with the rear brake lever being moved to the left handgrip in place of the clutch lever. I raced the Adelanto Grand Prix (the largest desert race in the Western US) last weekend and did quite well. I didn't podium but wasn't last either. I was interviewed on the PA system in front of a few thousand fans before my race and received a HUGE standing ovation as I went thru the woops in the motox section. My 21 yr old son, Darryl Jr (on the Yamaha 250R #24) took 1st place in the 250 Nov class, moving him up to amateur. What an exciting day! I ride at least 3 days per week so I'll be getting some good use out of the electronic shifter. Enclosed are a few pictures of the quad, a close up of the installed shifter, my son at the races and a pic of me skiing from Snowmass Co.

Thanks again,
Darryl Lair
Paraplegic T5 complete
Hesperia, Ca

Good Morning,

Just thought I'd write to say how pleased I am with my new Klicktronic gear shift system which I have just installed on my Caterham Blackbird. I replaced a malfunctioning translogic one that was already on there. The performance difference is enormous, I have to report.

The biggest difference from an engineering standpoint seems to my mind that the Klicktronic gives itself the best possible chance of success by using longer travel which allows much greater leverage on the gearbox - I guess this mimics a riders foot much more closely than the old system I had and of course the consequential reduced load must help longevity.

I would like also to comment on the quality of the engineering on the parts of the kit. It is all beautifully made and very elegantly designed.

Finally, thanks for the immediate dispatch and delivery and excellent pre sale telephone support.

Overall I couldn't be happier and look forward to many great miles with the system!

Many thanks,
Julian Thompson
Thompsons Of Macclesfield
87 Park Lane
SK11 6UA

Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 19:18:24 -0700
From: ausmanphillip@yahoo.com
Subject: Alaska pictures
To: disabledmotorcycleriders@msn.com

Gail here are some pictures of Nancy and her new working toy thank you for all your help and patience

From: Philip Skidmore
Sent: Friday, July 17, 2009 10:50 AM
To: Gail (DeWitt) Dean
Subject: My story

I was injured in a hunting accident n 1957. I was shot with a rifle while squirrel hunting. I have not been able to walk since then. At age 59 I decided I wanted to ride a trike. I bought a Volusia 800 and had a electric shifted put on it and I love it. Then I bought a 2006 gl1800 Gold wing and had a Lehman trike put on it with the electric shifter and I now have the freedom to go anywhere. The shifter is great. Would recommend it to anyone. This is a great product with very little maintenance. Also check the pictures of my wheelchair carrier. A friend of mine made it for me and it works real good.
Philip Skidmore
Bidwell Ohio
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 20:09:51 -0400
Subject: Thanks
From: six20@yahoo.com
To: disabledmotorcycleriders@msn.com

Hello, My name is David and I just wanted to thank you for the web site. On Dec. 28th of 2007 I was T-Boned by a pickup while riding thru an intersection the other driver didn't "see" me. He crushed my left leg and almost amputated it just below the hip. Thanks to God and a couple of VERY good surgeons I still have my leg. But I will only have limited use of my left knee and ankle, I had all but given up on ever riding again. But thanks to your web site I have hope and I know I will ride again. I am getting an 05 Road glide to replace my 03 Electra-Glide that was totaled in the accident. Thanks to the information on the klicktronic shifter I will be able to safely ride. My entire family is convinced I'm crazy, but they don't ride. But because of your web site and the links on it I know I will. I just wanted to say Thank You and please keep up the good work. Thank You!
From: rick_bannister@live.com
To: disabledmotorcycleriders@msn.com
Subject: Hello Gail
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 18:36:42 -0400

Here is a picture for your site. Just a brief statement on how Klicktronic changed my life.

I was disabled in a bike accident on Aug, 3 2007. I was T-boned in an intersection by a careless driver who was trying to beat a caution light. I was paralyzed from the chest down. I told everyone that I would ride again and thanks to Klicktronic I ride more now than I used to because I do not work. So when I can I am keeping the roads hot. My bike is my second bike to have a Klicktronic modification. It is a 2007 Honda Goldwing my 1st was a 1998 Goldwing.

Rick Bannister