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Kliktronic Ignition Interrupt Switch

For off-road racing riders, the Ignition Interrupt Switch is available for motorcycles that already have a Kliktronic, BUT there is a special price for purchasing both the Kliktronic electric shifter and the ignition interrupt switch together. Please call for special pricing breaks and talk to Gail.

Kliktronic Pulse Timer Module

The Kliktronic ‘Switch Pulse Timer Module’ is designed to assist gear selection for those who have limited mobility or dexterity in their hands. Ordinarily the Kliktronic responds directly to the duration on the button depression so that you can control the speed of gearshift accordingly. However, this is not always easy for those who are either unfamiliar with motorcycle gear shifting, or those whose dexterity is compromised. When this module is introduced into the switch line it will give a pre-determined duration of activation when either shift button is pressed. The shift then takes place according to the pre-set time then the power will drop out automatically. This prevents missed gears and also protects against overheating by only using enough power to effect the shift and no more. If your thumb is still resting on the button then no harm can come to the actuator assembly, the unit will not fire the actuator again until you have released the button. Neutral selection is still possible with the module employed since the timer will operate for the shorter of the two events either button press or timer preset.

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EFM auto cluch

Auto Clutches for Harleys, Metrics, Dirt Bikes and ATV’s – EFM No Stall Automatic Clutch. EFM, an American company with a long history of designing and manufacturing high quality products for the motorcycle and ATV industry.

Modified, fabricated, adaptive equipment
Automatic Clutches Bolt on and removable stability wheels available Much More…
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