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DUAL Brake or Clutch Systems - LEVER MASTER CYLINDER

K-2 Lever K-2 Lever Pictures FAQ - K-2 Lever K-2 Lever Install Guide How to Install K-2 Lever

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers - if you have a question that is not listed here then please E-mail Gail for the answer.

Q: I have a cable clutch and want to transfer it to the right hand side along with the front brake - will the K-2 Lever allow this?
A: Yes, the K-2 Lever is able to offer both cable and Hydraulic operation on either the left or right side of the handlebars.

Q: How can I operate the levers independently?
A: The levers have a wide range of adjustment and can be offset from each other. Also a longer lever (+30 mm) can be fitted to one module thus enabling two or three fingers to grab one lever and the other fingers can easily reach up for the shorter lever.

Q: I have car callipers on the rear of my trike and a standard bike rear master cylinder does not have enough fluid displacement to work them - will the K-2 Lever operate them?
A: The K-2 Lever has a choice of bore sizes - either 14.0mm or 17.5mm we would recommend the 17.5mm bore for your rear brake operation.

Q: I have 1 bars on my machine will the K-2 Lever fit these?
A: Yes, the K-2 Lever is supplied with an adaptor that enables it to be installed on 1 or 7/8 bars.

Q: If I buy a K-2 Lever and subsequently sell the machine can I transfer it to a different machine?
A: Yes, even if the machine you are changing to has a different configuration, for example hydraulic clutch instead of cable, providing you purchase an additional hydraulic module then the K-2 Lever can be re-configured to suit.