Words from Gail

Gail Dean


You don’t have to imagine your life without riding. Success starts by becoming aware of the multiple adaptations that are available. I work with you so that, together, we can find what’s going to be best and suit your needs. I also will let you become aware of the different types of adaptations that will work for you. I’m sure that you want to be able to ride with products that work with reliability and last a long time. The products that I carry are the smart choice for the best motorcycle riding experience you can have available today. You don’t want to get stuck with a cheap imitation of an electric shifter that doesn’t meet your needs, do you? You don’t want to try to guess what will work. Information helps to find the best path, and new or updated products are coming out every week. Some work flawlessly. Others need more work to be reliable.

The Kliktronic Electric Shifter has a stellar reputation and is held in highest regard by shops and riders. Innovation is a tradition at Kliktronic LTD of England. I am the distributor for the North and South Continents. I also work with riders from Australia, South Africa, Russia, and I am now going to be working with riders in Thailand and Indonesia as needed. Disabled Motorcycle Riders, Inc. has been around since 2007. During that time, I have worked with many riders that have multiple situations. You are looking for solutions, I am able to let you know what various adaptations might work for your individual situation. I have been asked to work with Workmen’s Compensation Cases. If this is a need you have, I am an International Specialist concerning adaptation situations for riders and racers. I am happy to be hired for your case. Please call if I can be of help.