As of 2/14/2018 It has been brought to the attention of Gail Dean, only legal authorized owner and president of the company: Disabled Motorcycle Riders, Inc. and website: www.disabledmotorcyclerider.com that there are 2, on line only, linked websites that do not have any legal approval to advertise or display any on line sales or references of any KLIKTRONIC products at all. Gail Dean is the only distributor authorized for information and sales in the North and South American Continents. The company has authorized dealers throughout the U. S. because they own or work at a shop or are riders that have experience doing their work on their own bikes.

Sales from my company have not been restricted and have also occurred in South Africa, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, to name several countries where international sales have occurred since the founding of the company in spring of 2007. I am happy to offer assistance for anyone, anywhere that wants to ride safely, able bodied or physically challenged.
These 2 unauthorized websites also have prices that are fraudulent. Text and pictures were pulled from the KliktronicUK and the U. S. legal distributor verbatim or slightly modified without written or verbal approval or permission.

These 2 websites also have set up Facebook, Twitter and other social media, including a “go fund me” page. This week we requested that all content be removed in connection to all KLIKTRONIC products and any likenesses associated with the Kliktronic Electric Shifter, the K-2 Dual or Clutch/Brake Systems. The K-2 systems are patent protected and any references need to be removed. I called and spoke to the owner of these 2 erroneous websites. I told the owner verbally to “cease and desist, “ and the owner refuses to do so.
If you have questions and/concerns, please contact KliktronicUK at email: Keith Holland or call from the U S at: 011 44 135 924-2100 or contact Gail Dean email at: disabledmotorcycleriders@msn.com or 941-932-6890, between 10-4 PM, M-F Eastern Standard Time please.

Legal assistance is being made to protect our customers from fraudulent purchases with these internet entities. Please be careful. You work hard for your money. If it looks or sounds too good to be true, listen to your gut and run away fast!
Thank you.
Sincerely, Gail Dean