"Is life unBEARable cause you can't get up and ride?"
Disabled Motorcycle Riders, Help is here for bikers with disabilities
Carrol with my beloved 2001 H-D Sporty & a Trigg Trike Bolt On Kit
Carrol the bear, is a member of the Welde Circus Bear Family in FL.
She rides a Honda 50 mini bike, and she shifts.
I thought that if that bear can do it, surely I can too, and so can you!
Owner/Consultant: Gail Dean
Business Hours Call Eastern Standard Time Tuesday - Friday = 10am - 4pm
(If you are unable to call within this time frame, please email me, and I will be happy to call you!)

Cell: 941-932-6890
(Phone messages will be answered A.S.A.P. during business hours.)

E-mail - Disabledmotorcycleriders@msn.com
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Disabled Motorcycle Rider
C/O Gail Dean
6201 US HWY 41 North
Palmetto, Florida 34221

Shipping usually 72 hours from receipt of funds with tracking & notification to your provided email address.
Please provide email address, complete products your ordering, shipping info & contact number.


If you have technical questions, please send an email to: kliktronic@aol.com, and include a copy to me please.

Warning: as of 2/14/2018 It has been brought to the attention of Gail Dean, only legal authorized owner and president of the company: Disabled Motorcycle Riders, Inc. and website: www.disabledmotorcyclerider.com that there are 2, on line only, linked websites that do not have any legal approval to advertise or display any on line sales or references of any KLIKTRONIC products at all. Gail Dean is the only distributor authorized for information and sales in the North and South American Continents. The company has authorized dealers throughout the U. S. because they own or work at a shop or are riders that have experience doing their work on their own bikes.
Sales from my company have not been restricted and have also occurred in South Africa, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, to name several countries where international sales have occurred since the founding of the company in spring of 2007. I am happy to offer assistance for anyone, anywhere that wants to ride safely, able bodied or physically challenged.
These 2 unauthorized websites also have prices that are fraudulent. Text and pictures were pulled from the KliktronicUK and the U. S. legal distributor verbatim or slightly modified without written or verbal approval or permission.
These 2 websites also have set up Facebook, Twitter and other social media, including a “go fund me” page. This week we requested that all content be removed in connection to all KLIKTRONIC products and any likenesses associated with the Kliktronic Electric Shifter, the K-2 Dual or Clutch/Brake Systems. The K-2 systems are patent protected and any references need to be removed. I called and spoke to the owner of these 2 erroneous websites. I told the owner verbally to “cease and desist, “ and the owner refuses to do so.
If you have questions and/concerns, please contact KliktronicUK at email: Keith Holland or call from the U S at: 011 44 135 924-2100 or contact Gail Dean email at: disabledmotorcycleriders@msn.com or 941-932-6890, between 10-4 PM, M-F Eastern Standard Time please.
Legal assistance is being made to protect our customers from fraudulent purchases with these internet entities. Please be careful. You work hard for your money. If it looks or sounds too good to be true, listen to your gut and run away fast!
Thank you.
Sincerely, Gail Dean
About Gail
Kliktronic Waterproof Electric Shifters
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Dual Brake or Clutch/Brake
K-2 Lever
K-2 Lever Pictures
K-2 Lever Install Guide
K-2 Lever Order Form
Kliktronic Ignition Interrupt Switch
*needed if you're installing an auto clutch
Kliktronic Pulse Timer Module
*for hands with nerve issues
Auto Clutches
EFM Auto Clutch - *for all bikes

Rekluse Auto Clutch
Prosthetic Hand
*for 7/8", 1" Handie bar
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Words from Gail:

   You don't have to imagine your life without riding. Success starts by becoming aware of the multiple adaptations that are available. I work with you so that, together, we can find what's going to be best and suit your needs. I also will let you become aware of the different types of adaptations that will work for you. I'm sure that you want to be able to ride with products that work with reliability and last a long time. The products that I carry are the smart choice for the best motorcycle riding experience you can have available today. You don't want to get stuck with a cheap imitation of an electric shifter that doesn't meet your needs, do you? You don't want to try to guess what will work. Information helps to find the best path, and new or updated products are coming out every week. Some work flawlessly. Others need more work to be reliable.
   The Kliktronic Electric Shifter has a stellar reputation and is held in highest regard by shops and riders. Innovation is a tradition at Kliktronic LTD of England. I am the distributor for the North and South Continents. I also work with riders from Australia, South Africa, Russia, and I am now going to be working with riders in Thailand and Indonesia as needed. Disabled Motorcycle Riders, Inc. has been around since 2007. During that time, I have worked with many riders that have multiple situations. You are looking for solutions, I am able to let you know what various adaptations might work for your individual situation. I have been asked to work with Workmen's Compensation Cases. If this is a need you have, I am an International Specialist concerning adaptation situations for riders and racers. I am happy to be hired for your case. Please call if I can be of help.


Many motorcycle adaptations started out to help riders get back on the road. These products allow a larger community of riders to use hand controls, paraplegics, amputees and quadriplegics are among a growing number of riders that are experiencing a better quality of life by riding. Now, new riders are using thesee products to enhance their riding experience with consistancy.
The Kliktronic Products are the most reliable PRODUCTS AVAILABLE. These safe adaptations are available worldwide and allow the rider to safely and easily ride in style

A physical challange does not need to get in the way of your love of the open road. Disabled Motorcycle Rider develops the motorcycle equipment necessary to easily shift gears or brake regardless of upper or lower-body inabilities.

Kliktronic, LLC of England has been building products to compensate for the physical needs of motorcycle enthusiasts since the 1990's. Two main products are the Kliktronic Electric Shifter and the K-2 Lever dual brake or clutch brake system, both of which are revolutionizing the road for all motorcyclists.

Please read the company philosophy for further information about the Kliktronic Electric Shifter, K-2 System and their accessories.
The Kliktronic Electric Shifter is the flagship product, designed for use with bikes meant for the open road or the racetrack. Instead of shifting with a foot, a rider can shift gears on the Kliktronic using his or her hand. This piece of equipment has been tested at well-known motorcycle tracks, including the Bonneville Salt Flats and the X Games. This electric shifter was also a main component used in motorcycle stunt filming for the Batman movie, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises! BAHA 500, 1000 and 1500 races. It will work on ATV, carts, dune buggies or any machine with a motorcycle engine from 125cc-2400cc.

The K-2 Lever is a dual master cylinder braking system that a user operates with only one hand. This unit has a symmetrical design that connects to either the left or right side, depending on which adaptation the rider requires. The K-2 can be adapted to either pull or push the handles.

Disabled Motorcycle Rider also offers other modified equipment, including:

  • Rekluse Auto Clutch
  • EFM Auto Clutch
  • Kliktronic Ignition Interrupt Switch
  • Prosthetic Hand
  • Qui Therapy Gloves
  • Leg Up Stabelizer semi automatic wheels
  • Trigg Bold on Trike Kit w/optional reverse
  • Heel Guards R L side available
  • Heli Bars Handle Bars and Risers
  • Condor Products
  • Champion Accessories & Reverse
  • AIM Reverse
  • Bunkhouse Motorcycle Camping Trailer
  • Waterproof Klicktromic Electric Shifter
  • K-2 Dual Brake or Clutch/Brake Systems
Products listed here can fit the widest array of motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles possible. Call me today to see if I can help you reclaim your freedom on the open road!

The Kliktronic Electric Shifter is used by riders
that want to shift with added reliability, ease, comfort, and safety.
The universal kit will fit all motorcycle shifter pedals and ATV's. Optional install kits are available for Harley-Davidson FLH models, as well as GW 1500, AND GW 1800.
Disabled Motorcycle Rider Resource's The Kliktronic Electric Shifter is available for any type of motorcycle engine with ratings from 125 cc-2400 cc, and cycle driven cars (show is the standard left hand version, right hand version available by special request). The KLIKTRONIC ELECTRIC SHIFTER has appeared: for racing, both flat track, circle, and motocross. You can see videos on YouTube of it in action, as it works effortlessly on the Bonneville Salt Flats, the Baja 500, and the X Games held in Michigan each Memorial Weekend--ended up in the top 3 spots this year. 

*Please note: Contact Us to see the new, revolutionary, K-2 Lever dual brake system available NOW from Kliktronic and an auto clutch system for added ease of riding. These systems, along with the Kliktronic Electric shifter will allow a rider with a variety of right and/or left leg problems AND riders with right/or left hand issues AND paraplegic riders, to ride with added safety and ease. West Florida will be a major install location for these products in the area and will be usually available with a scheduled appointment of 2-3 weeks lead time. Please come and visit to see the newest products offered for disabled riders. Help for disabled bikers
Simply pull your clutch and hit a button. The Kliktronic Electric Shifter works for both up shifting, and down shifting. The red button is to down shift, the green button is to up shift.

Sales and Installation of: Modified, fabricated, adaptive equipment, Electric Shifters, Automatic Clutches, Stabilizer Wheels, Sidecars/Trikes, Voyager Kits
This is an example of a Kliktronic Electric Shifter mounted at a 90 degree angle to the shifter pedal. Note that the shifter pedal remains on the bike and can still be used without the activation of the shifter.
Who said, "You can't ride anymore?"
Don't believe it or accept it...

Stroke patients are now riding with the adaptations available, with their MD's approval.
We Supply:
Modified, fabricated, adaptive equipment
Electric Shifters - home of Kliktronic Electric Shifters
Klicktronic Ignition Interrupt Switch
K-2 Lever Dual - Lever Master Cylinder for front and rear brake assembly. K-2 Lever Clutch and Brake Assembly available.
Automatic Clutches
Stabilizer Wheels
Trigg Trikes
Gold Wing 1800 Install

I offer free consult for anyone whether you purchase products offered by Disabled Motorcycle Riders, Inc, or not.
We work with your needs and input.
With our accommodations, together we will find a way if it is possible.
Ride with stability, safety, dignity and joy.
Click Here to View Our U-TUBE Videos!

In "THE DARK KNIGHT," and "THE DARK KNIGHT RISE", the Kliktronic Electric Shifter is a MOVIE STAR!

Did you ever wonder how Batman star, Christian Bale, was able to shift the BATPOD while laying down on the back of the bike? He used a KLIKTRONIC ELECTRIC SHIFTER to shift at the push of a button. As a mater of fact, the movie company purchased 11 KLIKTRONIC ELECTRIC SHIFTERS, from the English based company, for filming the stunts! The movie poster shows Batman on the BATPOD. When you look by the back of the front tire, you can see the actuator clearly. Check it out!
Click small poster to see full size...

Here is a picture of the K-2 Lever as configured as a dual brake system that would sit on the right side handle bar. The K-2 system can also be installed to the left side handle bar. It can also be configured as a Clutch/Brake system on either side. This allows for multiple adaptations to fit your specific needs.

K-2 Lever: This exciting new innovation from the manufacturers of the Kliktronic Electric Shift System is the perfect solution for motorcycle riders who are unable to use their right foot for rear brake operation.
The neat modular design enables independent operation of both front and rear brakes using just one hand.
Alternatively it can be configured for clutch and brake operation, hydraulic and cable modules offer total versatility.
Contact me about the new, revolutionary K-2 Lever dual brake or clutch/brake system. This is the only legal dual brake system, available for road bikes, to stop safely with the correct amount of pressure and fluid to each brake line. Kliktronic and the auto clutch system will allow a rider with a variety or right/left hand and/or right/left leg issues, and Paraplegics, to be able to ride with added safety and ease.
Dealers are Welcome

To become A dealer please submit:
1. A current W9 form is required each year
2. A copy of your current year tax resale license for this year is required.
3. An email address and web address if available
4. I also need to see current pictures of your physical shop, and a picture of your exterior sign on your building and shop.
5. The only company that can sell Kliktronic products on the website or internet sales, is Disabled Motorcycle Riders, Inc. It is the ONLY North and South America Continent distributorship allowed to do this. Kliktronic Products are also available worldwide if not serviced by local distributorships in your country.
6. Disabled Motorcycle Riders, Inc and also serves as the HOME OF ALL KLIKTRONIC PRODUCTS. It is the sole importer of their products and parts.
You may email, fax -407-870-0580

Disabled Motorcycle Riders, Inc is proud to be consistently re-nominated for prestigious awards with the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Disabled Motorcycle Riders, Inc is the only company to appear at Bike Week and Biktoberfest on Harley-Davidson Milwaukee property at the International Speedway, in 23 years. The company has also appeared at numerous events from Florida thru Rhode Island. Disabled Motorcycle Riders, Inc has also appeared at events sponsored by the Patriot Guard at Walter Reed Medical Facility in Washington, DC, Amputee Coalition of America and Wing Ding national events, as well as many local Florida Motorcycle events. I also work with many hospitals, Prosthetic services, Racing Shops, Harley-Davidson, Gold Wing, Sport Bike and Custom Motorcycle Shops to give assistance for correct purchase and mounting of all products advertized here.

Disabled Motorcycle Riders, Inc is the only company to appear at Bike Week and Biktoberfest on Harley-Davidson Milwaukee property at the International Speedway, in 23 years. The company has also appeared at numerous events from Florida thru Rhode Island. Disabled Motorcycle Riders, Inc has also appeared at events sponsored by the Patriot Guard at Walter Reed Medical Facility in Washington, DC, Amputee Coalition of America and Wing Ding national events, as well as many local Florida Motorcycle events. I also work with many hospitals, Prosthetic services, Racing Shops, Harley-Davidson, Gold Wing, Sport Bike and Custom Motorcycle Shops to give assistance for correct purchase and mounting of all products advertized here.

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